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‘How to Make’ kits for people to develop their sculptural skills and introducing my boats drawn from universal myths. All work individually made.

These ‘how to make’ kits are suitable for all ages and particularly good for grown-ups and children together. The kits allow people to use their imaginations and develop their sculptural skills.

I am a maker who uses different materials to express ideas. All work is inventive and reflect my theatre design experience.

Model making is an enjoyable start to the design process and I use these skills to transform my abstract ideas into something more tangible. I work directly with the materials and see what transpires.

I had an exhibition at the National Design Centre in Sleaford, where people were encouraged to. make things, reflecting work in the exhibition, using paper and glue provided. From their obvious enjoyment I created the ‘how to make’ animal kits with a ‘circus’ theme. These kits are for people of all ages who ‘love making’ but want something a bit challenging.. The simple instructions show how anyone can produce robust and beautiful sculptural animals and perhaps inspire their own circus.

‘How to make an Elephant’ kit

My main work comprises of objects such as boats and fanciful creatures, elements that occur in universal myths and legends which I use to express a sense of travel and movement. My boats are invented and theatrical vessels carrying their own stories

These boats started when a 10 year old inspired by a garden pond suggested we make boats from bits of firewood. As I developed the idea I found other wood sources mainly driftwood and boxwood (found in a woodwind instrument makers’ workshop) which have given me different textures and shapes to work with.

I hope people will make their own interpretations of the pieces so continuing the ‘boats’  journey

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