Take a look at the artists currently registered with The Online Artisan – click on a name to find out more about each artist, or follow the links to see the works they have listed for sale. If you’d like to join them, click here

Lizzie Coulter Belzediath Jewellery and art

Works for sale

Selection of works

Allan Davies Digital Artist and Maker

works for sale

The Prince

Trish Hughes Fine Art Embroidered Textiles

Works for sale

Angel Wings & Hearts

Jeanette Hyde Intentional Metalsmithing

Works for sale

Protection – silver prayer box ring

Julissimo Jewellery Fine Re-Cycled Silver Jewellery

Works for sale

Spoon Rings

Caroline Nixon Botanically printed textiles

Works for sale

Silk Twill Square

Northants Authors Paperback books by Rosemary Sturge, Children’s paperback books by Monica Withrington

Works for sale

Rosemary & Monica
Sap Rising
Elephant Kit

Simon Tipping Carnival Arts and Sculpture

Covid Cloak

Steve Urwin Acrylic Resin Texture Artwork on Canvas

Works for sale

Blue Vase

John Wannop Lumps of wood

Works for sale

No 43

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